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AD-SUCCESS has supported the branding efforts for tourism and economic development accounts for over 25 years.

Our documented success is testament to the depth of experience of our personnel and the effectiveness of our proprietary programs to support destination research, branding, media and public relations efforts. Every story of branding is based on research, developed with experiential methodology, and presented in a way that translates just the right message to the right audience.

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Case Study

Lexington’s Bluegrass Region

Lexington’s Bluegrass Region is the fifteen county region at the heart of central Kentucky characterized by unparalleled scenery and hospitality, exquisite horses, rich tradition and living history. It is a regional tourism group which promotes the region to: visitors/leisure travelers, meeting planners, group travel leaders and the travel press.

Advertising/Marketing Services handled by AD-SUCCESS (since 1999): Logo development, advertising, media buying, travel media tracking, new media efforts, website development (complete with content management tool for easy updates), brochure and collateral development and television advertising.

Process for Identity Development and Implementation

Research Compiled – qualitative and quantitative research

Qualitative input from region members before developing a new logo and a new “look” to all regional marketing materials.

From the March 2006 Bluegrass Region Executive Meeting, the following was discussed about a new direction for a logo and brochure “Region wants some new ideas, a new theme, and different logo and a new format for a brochure. The region wants something less passive. More fun, more family, and more action.”

Quantitative research and visitor composition of the region compared to research of the Lexington metropolitan area.

In order for the marketing to work for the region as a whole, there were some critical research figures that were brought to light in the state-sponsored visitor composition surveys for the Bluegrass Region. The significant research addressed in our approach to all marketing materials included the following visitor composition survey results:

Mostly Families (multi-generational)

Target markets - OH, KY, TN, MI, IN, IL and Texas

Top activities - general touring, horse-related and historic sites

Purpose of stay - region’s largest percent was visiting friends and relatives so we need to “get the visitor active in the area” to extend their stay, visit activities and attractions, dine, shop and spend money.

Region visitor income lower than “cultural” traveler who comes to metro areas; We need affordability in recommended activities

Overall Creative Strategy

Branding is the marketing translation of research into documented success. To move the region’s perception forward we built on its brand equity while using research to adjust the color, graphics, and copy to reflect survey results.

The new Bluegrass Region materials built on existing brand equity: This emotional equity includes its identification as a beautiful place, a place for graceful horses and classic horse farms, and a blend of rural and contemporary adventures. Brand equity for the region also includes the impression of the region to those who have a passion for the area. People are passionate about the region’s horses, the outdoor adventures, and the “heartland of America” family image of the area.

Color palate reflects action-oriented, family-oriented primary colors:
Bright summer days
Bright, rich autumn colors
Vibrant winter glows

Key features in satisfaction surveys:

Identity Implementation - Brochure

We need to move forward to “involve” the potential visitor emotionally by translating things to do in the Bluegrass Region into scenes which engage the reader. The reader develops a relationship with the brochure. In essence, they are encouraged to see themselves in the pictures, see their families in the scenes or get reminders of fun times and memories.

The bright colors and “sunny disposition” of the brochure gives an overall impression of a getaway, a place to refresh, and a place of vibrancy and “newness.”

Copy also “engages” the consumer with action-oriented verbiage.

Identity Implementation - Website Development – www.BluegrassKentucky.com

AD-SUCCESS recommended the following website goals:
Consistency Lexington’s Bluegrass Region’s other materials
Ease of use, consistency within the site navigation
Clarity of content; information delivery is primary
Easy to add to and revise and can grow with the region’s needs
Communicate “emotion” and involvement in addition to facts by using active visuals, bright colors, diversity and showing families and groups having fun.
Making the website in a way that it will feature the benefit of visiting the region as a whole in addition to any one destination – In other words, it should be used to extend the stay of the visitor and increase the activity and spending of the visitor within the region.

Site Catagories

Heart of Horse Country: Atractions and Shops for Horse Lovers

Playgrounds: Golf, Team Sports, Rivers & Lakes, Scenic Areas, and Recreation

Eat, Drink & be Merry: Distilleries & Botlers, Wineries, Dining, and The Arts

Shop till you Drop: Antiques, Crafts & Galleries, Contemporary, and Unique

History, Mystery & Mystic: Daniel Boone Adventures, Historic Architecture, African-American History, Roots and Resting Places, Civil War & Military, and Museums

Other site features:

All content within these areas will have content management areas.
The administrative or content management areas will be accessed via a login name and password.
A SEARCH feature will be programmed for the Home Page.

In the minor navigation: Home, Event Calendar, Map & Overview, Contacts & Links, only the Event Calendar will have a content management area. Visitors to the site will be able to access events within a specific month.

Lexington’s Bluegrass Region Delta Sky Magazine Co-op Ad (pictured to the left): Co-operative effort co-ordinated through AD-SUCCESS to save the region and participants collectively over $25,000 on an ad strategically placed in the June Delta SKY Magazine 17-page feature on the Bluegrass Region. AD-SUCCESS also provided a banner for the Delta SKY Magazine website.