... Media Buying Approach
Media Buying Approach
With the changing landscape of traditional and new media opportunities, progressive marketing firms are taking an integrated approach to media. For success, this must be based by an in-depth understanding of client goals supplemented by experience measuring the effectiveness of selected media.

AD-SUCCESS Marketing is best positioned to bring you value-added, economical and effective media options. We have spent decades working with travel clients. We understand the options, we track effectiveness, and we have experience coordinating traditional and new media.

Best of all, our proprietary media tracking programs put information comparisons at our fingertips. We can clearly see options, and therefore, we can make better media decisions.

Traditional Travel Media

Targeting – We learn the unique aspects of your area. We then determined the publications or web portals that can be cross-referenced to:

The appropriate target markets according to your goals. We keep separate media digital libraries for the visitor, group travel and meetings and convention markets. We also keep media digital libraries for specific targeting such as equine, civil   war, historical, cultural tourism, etc.
Those publications with editorial about your area or the types of things you offer.
Bring economical opportunities that have a value-added component (i.e. a free Internet link, free directory, bonus ad, discount ad, editorial listing, etc.).

Media Contacts – We keep on-going relationships with media representatives so we can find ways to bring you value-added opportunities.

Strategic Timing – We look at the timing of your efforts. We look at the frequency of advertising for the time periods most valuable to you.

Internet Support – We can provide Internet support for your media campaign through Search Engine Marketing, Pay per Click advertising on the leading travel sites, and by negotiating free reciprocal links for your site.

Co-branding Opportunities – We watch out for opportunities for you. For example, the use of partnerships for co-op, co-branding, co-promotions, package product development, and splitting the cost of large media packages. 

In summary, our experience, proprietary travel databases, travel representative relationships and our passion for the growth of travel and tourism is what enables us to add value to the media buying effort.